Board Members

Sheldon and Sandy Thorpe        Sandy & Sheldon Thorpe








Ronnie and Tina van DunRonnie & Tina Van Dun

Ronnie is originally from Holland and Tina is a Lancaster County native. They met during their two years at Acts International Bible School receiving their associates degrees in biblical studies. They have three children.

Ronnie’s upbringing and path to God took a few twists and turns. His personal experiences give him first hand insight to the lives of people who have spent time far from God. He also has a special connection to people who feel rejected from traditional church experiences.

Ronnie’s gift is receiving revelation through intense and extended studying of God’s word. To Ronnie, the pure Word of God is critical for the growth and daily life of disciples

Tina was raised in a Christian home. She attended Christian school as a child, which exposed her to Spirit filled worship. She’s used her lifelong talents as a pianist to fuel her passion to praise and worship God Almighty both alone and leading others.

She’s been a nanny and child care giver for most of her life. Now her focus is older teens. She remembers the impact her youth leader had on her. She believes teens don’t need more buddies. They need someone to pull them along

Thanks to Ronnie and Tina’s hearts to share the Word, there is now a study going on in Europe through Ronnie’s father.



Richard and Faith Annan           Richard & Faith Annan

Richard is originally from Ghana. Faith is from Idaho. They met in the early nineties when Faith’s family were on a six-year missionary trip to Ghana. They have two children.

Richard and Faith live their lives with a simple purpose. They want to show the love of God to others. People showed it to them. It means helping people when you can by praying, mowing their lawn or helping when they need help. God’s love can be shown through everyday activities.

They say that they don’t have to talk for people to know they are disciples. Their actions should speak clearly to who they are in Christ.

Richard says “We welcome anyone so they can see what we see in God.  God accepts anyone. Color, age, or past don’t matter. We want people to see a life in Christ as something worth joining and committing to.”