Just Disciples

Jesus never called you a Christian; he called his followers disciples. Are you ready to live like one?

Just Disciples was founded by Sheldon and Sandy Thorpe and Ronnie and Tina Van Dun with one simple goal in mind: to help people “love the Lord their God with all their strength, mind, being and intention” and share how “to treat their neighbors as themselves” (Matthew 22:34-40). No matter which direction they go or what outlet they choose, what matters is that they’ve got the love, support, and knowledge they need to become unapologetic followers and adherents of Jesus. More simply stated, to become “ Just Disciples”.

Sheldon, Ronnie, Sandy, and Tina are working to build Just Disciples as a vehicle for many different initiatives, to “walk as Jesus walked” (1 John 2:6) from providing weekly services to collaborating with others on not-for-profit projects. They are always looking for ways to reach out to people and help them find their own way to being a disciple.


Powered by Love, LLC

It all started when Sheldon and Sandy Thorpe were working with the Good Samaritan Shelter of Ephrata, Pennsylvania, and observed how hard it could be for people to find housing (or be approved for housing) when they were trying to get back on their feet. They decided to take matters into their own hands and founded Powered by Love, LLC.

Through Powered by Love, Sheldon and Sandy own and rent properties to people who need help working their way back up. Whether their tenants are former shelter residents or simply people for whom the traditional rental market is not an option, Sheldon and Sandy help them find transitional housing throughout Lancaster County, PA — and they cherish the chance to see people’s lives transform for the better.

Powered By Love currently owns numerous properties, two of which have new people joining the Powered by Love family in July of 2017.


Sheldon and Sandy are the first to admit that becoming a Just Disciple it’s easier said than done. How do you balance your own expectations, others’ expectations, and God’s call to love Him and to obey His commands and make an impact on the world? Sheldon aims to answer these questions, and any other questions (big or small) that people may have, at the gatherings he runs out of the Thorpe home every Sunday.

These gatherings are far from your typical worship service, however. Sheldon is looking to provide a place where people feel open to ask questions about their faith, discuss their personal studies of the teachings and commands of the Old and New Testaments and get involved with new initiatives. Like everything else under Just Disciples, Sheldon’s Sunday congregations are a confluence of the Thorpes’ desires to show people the love of God and help them share it in their own ways.

More About The Founders

Sheldon and Sandy are still involved with Good Samaritan Shelter and they enjoy creating long-term relationships with women both during and beyond their time in the shelter. They are also involved with Real Life Community Services, an organization in Denver, Pennsylvania. Recently they played another part in transitional housing by pairing up with numerous other groups to turn the local church parsonage into an apartment.

This blog will share news about Just Disciples, as well as firsthand insights on faith and community involvement from its founders. Sheldon and Sandy are currently seeking opportunities to collaborate with other ministries and organizations in Lancaster County.