Have you ever read where the bible uses weddings terms? Over and over, the bible uses stories with words like bride, bridegroom, marriage and wedding feast to teach speak about Jesus, his disciples and the coming Kingdom of Heaven.

My guess is, you’ve wondered more than once how to make sense of the stories. Well, you aren’t alone. The reason the stories don’t make sense is because we try to make our modern understandings of weddings fit the Bible. There is the problem. Jesus and the apostles weren’t talking about 21st century western weddings. They assumed their audience were familiar with customary Jewish weddings. Remember, Jesus and his early disciples were Jews.

Sunday, July 9, Ronnie and I will continue our eye opening discussion on first century Jewish weddings. I promise that our understandings of Jesus’ teachings and commandments, including the end of the book of Revelation, will come to life with whole new meanings.

Join us at 1:30 on Sunday.